Harmony is about to keep the balance between our mind and soul. Not only about material, but also about our spiritual needed. As we already know, Bali is one of the Island which has the strongest tradition and spiritual life. Almost in every corner of Bali, we will find Temple or “canang” as the Balinese daily offering to God.

There are also so many various celebrations regarding to the Hindus Balinese culture. One of the most important celebration for Balinese tradition is Odalan. Odalan is the event to celebrate anniversary of a holy place. In Odalan day, usually all the Balinese will come to pray and bring special offerings as thanks for the protection to the place and the people around the place.

We can always see the strong alignment between the modernization, tradition and spiritual life which always maintained well in Bali. And we should also take part in the culture preservation not only in Bali, but also in other regions in Indonesia.

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